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Update EU Data Protection Regulation and online petition

Dear all,


We are writing you to share an update on the EU Data Protection Regulation and ask for your support for an online petition.


As you may know, the Parliament’s position on the Regulation is highly damaging for research using personal data, particularly data concerning health. The Council of Minister’s position is more positive. The three EU institutions are currently in trilogue negotiations to agree a compromise text.


The advocacy work on the Regulation has been ongoing, but the trilogue meeting on research is scheduled for the second half of November, so now is a really important time to increase the volume. EUPHA has joined Cancer Research UK and other patient and research organisations in an online petition for researchers, patients and other concerned individuals. A joint statement on the Parliament’s amendments is available here.


The petition will be presented to the EU institutions later and the more signatures the better. Please consider signing and encourage others to sign: www.datasaveslives.eu/petition


Further background

The European Parliament adopted its position in 2014. Parliament’s position includes the amendments that would have a severe impact on research if adopted. However, now is an important opportunity to ensure these amendments do not make it into the final text. The Council adopted its General Approach in June, which is a set of amendments that sets out its position on the Regulation. Council’s position is much more positive for research.

Now Council’s General Approach is agreed, trilogue discussions with the Parliament and Commission have started, to seek to agree a compromise text. Trilogue may take a long time due to extensive differences between the Council and Parliament texts. Informal agreement on the Regulation is not expected until the end of 2015 at the earliest. Formal agreement is expected is 2016.


Trilogue meetings are being held on a regular basis, so this is a key time to show the institutions the support behind our position. Officially the trilogue roadmap hasn’t been published, but the institutions seem to be working to Parliament’s proposed timetable for trilogue. The next trilogue meetings are scheduled for 11-12 November.




EUPHA - European Public Health Association

Fecha de publicación: 06/11/2015